We are leading Caldwell County

in the awareness and elimination of hunger


Nearly 1 in 5 people in Caldwell County, TX are living in poverty


Over the past 30 years our population has grown by over 60%  


The Caldwell Food Pantry:

     - Distributes over 950,000 pounds of food annually

     - There are around 12,000 family visits to our pantry annually

     - Every dollar you donate allows us to provide 3 meals 

     - 95% of your donation goes directly to our food programs

If you can make a donation, can volunteer or are in need of help, you can learn more right here.

Cooking with the Ice Box Queen

This cooking video is the first in a series.  It is a quick and easy way to prepare salmon cakes. You can also make this recipe with other canned protein. Many of the items in this series use items normally available in the regular pantry food baskets.

Stay tuned for additional cooking videos and recipes.

salmon cakes photo.JPG

Salmon Cakes

Recipe in English or Espanol